Registration of Death

Registration of the death is the only aspect of the funeral arrangements we cannot do, you will need to do this personally.

However, we will give you all the necessary advice needed for you to go to the Registrars to register the death.

We will advise you which registrars to attend, contact umbers for you to make an appointment, where to pick up the death certificate prior to going, the documentation you will be required to take with you, what you will be asked and the forms and documents you will receive.

If the Coroner is involved we will advise you on what will happen, the different procedure at the registrars and when you will be able to go, depending if an inquest is held.

Pre-paid funerals

  • Peace of mind, knowing your wishes will be honoured
  • Relieve your family of worry and uncertainty
  • No loose ends, no hidden extras 
  • Standard or Personalised plans
  • A free donation to the Woodland Trust
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